Trench Club – Hero


Trench Club – Hero: the Strategy Board Game set in the First World War for 1-4 Players; the extended big box with extra miniatures, Forts, Special Units and more



During the First World War, France and Britain wrestle with Germany and Austria-Hungary for the dominance of a decisive front section. Take on the role of a general and send your troops into battle. Barrage enemy units with artillery fire and flank them with your tanks and infantry or surround and annihilate them.

Trench Club is a complex strategy game in which, in addition to attack strength and armor of the troops, their tactical setup, combat experience, damage and terrain have a decisive influence on the outcome of the battle. Since each unit brings its own strengths, you must cleverly assemble your army to win the victory over your opponents.

The game is for 1-4 players and lasts 1-4 hours (~1 hour per player). The game has been developed, play-tested and refined for over 10 years. Here is what play testers consistently said they most enjoyed:

  • Highly complex strategy game, yet very easy and intuitive to learn the rules
  • Detailed miniatures
  •  Different unit types with individual strengths and weaknesses – without using a simple “Rock, Scissors, Paper” principle
  • Individual strengths of the different nations, yet balanced chances
  • The game stays in balance for a long time, so every player still has a chance to win and stays excited
  • Complex combat system that depends on type of unit, combat damage, experience, strategic formation, terrain and armor
  •  “Dice luck” only plays a minor role (since battles involve a lot of 12-sided dice the outcome is usually around the expected value)
  • High re-playability due to the variable start setup

Trench Club – Hero

“Trench Club – Hero” is an extension of the base game “Trench Club – Rookie”. It contains an additional set of miniatures (so 2 of each, instead of 1 of each), 14 Fort miniature, 8 Special Unit miniatures, 8 Special Unit cards, 2 extra set of D12 dice (24 dice extra), an hourglass

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Game Box
  • 1 Plastic insert
  • 1 Game Board (~80x60cm/ 31×24″), double-sided with 2 different maps
  • 1 Rule Book
  • ~300 Markers for damage and experience (grey, white, yellow, red)
  • ~50 Money bills (values: ten, five and one)
  • 4 Fraction mats (~30x20cm/ 12×8″ ; France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria/Hungary)
  • 1 Damage/experience mat (~10x20cm/ 4×8″)
  • 27x 12-sided dice (12x grey, 12x dark grey, 12x green, 12x light green, 3x red) + 24 extra D12 dice
  • 2x 44 Unit miniatures (22 each for France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary)
  • 20 Double-sided cardboard chips with flags
  • 12 Cardboard tokens for start positions
  • 44 Double-sided cardboard tokens as proxies for extra units (if you run out of miniatures)
  • 8 Token attachments as carriers for damage/experience markers
  • Some Plastic bags
  • “Special Forces” extension with 8 new miniature units
  • 8 unit cards for the Special Forces units
  • Hourglass (to limit the time per turn for more stress and excitement)
  • 14 extra large miniatures for Forts (bunkers)

This game was originally funded on Kickstarter. For more information on the game visit the Kickstarter campaign page here: